1. How can I join the S.T.E.M. School Program?

You can join the program if your school has signed up for the it. If not, then contact us to find the nearest centre where you can attend the program.

2. What if my school hasn’t enrolled for the program?

We will meet your school authorities and inform you on the development. Alternately, we can guide to the nearest centre.

3. I find Maths a bit difficult. Can I still enrol?

Basic knowledge of middle school Maths is enough to join S.T.E.M. School Program..

4. Will my studies get affected if I take part?

S.T.E.M. School Program is designed to develop your interest in Science & Technology. No pressure to study for additional exams and no book added to your heavy schoolbag, so you can stop worrying!

5. How will I know my progress if there is no exam?

Purpose of S.T.E.M. School Program is not to judge you, but to prepare you to take informed decisions about your post-school education. The online assessment will help you identify the field of your interest.

6. Will there be homework?

No. But you will enjoy discussing at home what you have learnt.

7. My friend wants to join the course, but s/he is studying in another school.

Ask your friend or his/her parent to contact us. We will help with the best possible solution.

8. Is there any eligibility score for the course?

You must be a student of class 7th, 8th or 9th.

9. Will there be any reference books?

S.T.E.M. School Program is a paperless program, there are no prescribed reference books. If you are keen on adding to your knowledge (which we sincerely encourage), then your teacher will guide you from time to time about referring to good reference material.

10. I have missed some classes. How can I catch up with my classmates?

You can log in to our website using your password to refer to the past lessons.

11. What if I forget my password?

Please contact us.